My Vision

My vision is to make ideas and images come to life through storytelling and animation.

Art Direction100%
VFX & Motion Graphics100%
Xamarin App Development100%

My Tools

Maya Logo

Maya is my primary 3D software. I use it to create, edit, and animate 3D scenes and geometry to use in my visual effects, motion graphics, and games.

Nuke Logo

NUKE is my primary 2D and 3D compositing software. I use it for advanced visual effects, compositing, tracking, camera projection, and painting.

After Effects Logo
After Effects

After Effects is my primary motion graphics software. I use it for visual effects, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, compositing, and 2D tracking.

Photoshop Logo

Photoshop is my primary graphic design software. I use it for design, photo manipulation and editing, creating storyboards, and painting.

PFTrack Logo

PFTrack is my primary 3D tracking solution. I use it for 3D tracking scenes and objects, corner-pin tracking, and planar tracking. I am able to import my camera solves, point cloud data, and geometry into Maya, NUKE, After Effects, or any application.

Mocha Logo

I use Mocha Pro for planar tracking, roto-masking, object removal, and more. I am able to either import the data into various 2D/3D applications, or use it as a plugin directly in After Effects or NUKE.

Mari Logo

I use MARI for advanced texture painting and projection. If a 3D model needs specific textures to add photorealism or style, then I will create them in Photoshop and use MARI to project or paint the textures onto the model.

Mudbox Logo

I use Mudbox for texture painting, texture projection, and sculping models that need additional detail.

Illustrator Logo

Illustrator is my primary vector design and editing software. I use it to create vector logos and graphics which are imported into After Effects to be animated. I also edit graphic scenes from designers and customize them to be easily used for animation purposes.

Premiere Pro Logo
Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is my primary video editing suite. I use it to edit videos and commercials. I also create templates in After Effects which are customized to use in Premiere, such as text animations and lower thirds.

Audition Logo

Audition is my primary audio recording, editing, and mastering. I use it to professionally record voice overs, music, and sound effects. I also use Audition for layering tracks and mastering songs that I make using instruments or electronically.

FL Studio Logo
FL Studio

I use FL Studio to create electronic music and remixes. I also use it to create scores and record piano pieces I write. I will do the mastering in Audition.

Rendering Engines

I primarily use V-Ray, Renderman, Arnold, and Mental Ray for 3D rendering in Maya. My rendering is not limited, as I have used other engines inside other 3D platforms.

Other Adobe Apps

I use ExtendScript for JavaScript scripting inside After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I use Media Encoder for rendering and transcoding videos. I use Bridge for asset organization and batch scripting through Photoshop. I use Acrobat for PDF document creation and editing.

Other 3D Packages

I experiment in Unity, Houdini FX, MODO, and Cinema 4D. These are not my primary 3D applications, but I have basic knowledge on what these tools are used for and have worked in them on various projects.

Microsoft Office

I use Microsoft Office tools as my primary source for creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, emails, and notebooks. I also know a little Visual Basic so that I can do basic scripting for extending these tools.

Visual Studio Logo
Visual Studio

I use Visual Studio for creating Xamarin C# applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. It is my preferred IDE for editing code such as C# and .NET, Python, and JavaScript. I use it for Xamarin, Unity, and Windows applications.

Xamarin Logo

I use Xamarin and Xamarin Forms to create mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. I write the code using C# in Visual Studio for Windows.

Primary Programming Languages

I primarily use C#, Windows Batch, JavaScript, and Python for application scripting and software development. My skills are not limited, as I also use SQL, JSON, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, and more.

WinAutomation Logo

I use WinAutomation for creating automated tasks to speed up workflow and pipeline flow. I can create render farms, render pipelines, automate image editing with Photoshop, script and folder triggers, and basically anything you can think of that can speed up workflow and eliminate redundant tasks.


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Guy Micciche

Working with computers since 1994, I began my journey on a Tandy Sensation using Windows 3.1. Years later I began learning Photoshop and Maya 4. Now, I have industry experience in Art Direction, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, and Application Development.